Wednesday, 5 February 2014

architecture school rankings uk 2014

architecture school rankings uk
GSA entrance
photo by Moira
architecture school rankings uk 2014 dundee, gsa, newcastle

There are now 46 architecture schools in the uk. Wow. And each school take around 100 students. That's a lot of people training to be architects. I've studied at the Mackintosh School of Architecture now known as Glasgow School of Art (currently ranked 27 and joint 3rd in AJ 100 opinion poll), the University of Dundee (ranked 25) and Newcastle University (ranked 5).

I didn't find it hard to get accepted at an architecture school, it's was getting out the other end with a degree certificate that turned into a real challenging nightmare. Every student thinks they'll get through university okay if they work hard enough. Unfortunately this isn't the case on this unique course. Sadly, students of architecture are regularly failed at the end of first, second, third, fourth, even fifth year and some vague reason given. And it isn't always the most talented ones they let through; if they don't like you they can fail you, simple as that.

And the most sickening thing of all is that, while most students work day and night, some individuals sail through the course handing in work produced by a 3rd party, usually someone in a higher year or even a qualified archtiect who has provided his/her services for free eg. a relative or boyfriend/girlfriend or the student pays someone to do their drawings for them. So, don't think for a minute it is an even playing field.

I have written about my own experiences as an architecture student in a book called BRICK WALL for sale on Amazon. Clearly not a comedy, but it's an interesting insight into how architecture schools in the uk operate and believe it's roughly the same system the world over.

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